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Learn French Verbs

You have reached the learn French verb page, where we hope you will be able to learn French by gaining a strong foundation in how to conjugate French verbs in the various moods – present, past, future, conditional and subjuntive! Learning French verb conjugation and tense rules are areas of French grammar that most students find to be the most difficult aspect of learning French; especially with respect to the subjunctive mood. In French, there are four moods – the indicative, imperative, conditional and the subjunctive.

Learn French Grammar

Learn French Verb Resources

As you can see, there are many areas of French verbs that students of the French language need to learn and comprehend. We hope we are able to help you learn French! If you’re looking for learning French verb books, software, audio CDs or other learn French products to help you study French in conjunction with this free learn French website, check out our learn French bookstore. One learn French product that we highly recommend for purchase is Rocket French. This is a great learn French product to use in combination with free learn French resources like Learn French Language Guide. Try out their free 6-day learn French mini-course!

To help with French listening comprehension, we highly recommend Yabla French, an online video magazine for French learners. Watch entertaining French videos with English and French subtitles and interactive playback on Yabla. Click here to try it free. Whether you subscribe or not, we suggest you at least take advantage of their free demo videos for extra practice! Click here to read more about Yabla French.