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Learn French Free Online

Learn French Grammar

Learn the French language free online. This online learn French resource guide is for anyone who wants to learn the French language. Our goal is to help you learn French grammar rules in a thorough, yet uncomplicated way. Though we do recommend that you utilize a number of methods to learn French. Learning French on your own can be just as proficient as taking a French language class, it all depends on what works best for you. And note, it’s not about just learning French grammar, you need to practice speaking French, writing French, reading French and most important, listening to French. Remember, language communication is a two-way process.

Check out our learn French resources for useful online tools to work on other areas of learning the French language and tips on studying French. Otherwise, click on learn French to start learning the French language grammar rules. If you’re looking for learning French language books, software, audio CDs or other learn French products to help you study French, check out our learn French bookstore. One learn French product that we highly recommend for purchase is Rocket French. This is a great learn French product to use in combination with free learn French resources like Learn French Language Guide. Try out their free 6-day learn French mini-course!

To help with French listening comprehension, we highly recommend Yabla French, an online video magazine for French learners. Watch entertaining French videos with English and French subtitles and interactive playback on Yabla. Click here to try it free. Whether you subscribe or not, we suggest you at least take advantage of their free demo videos for extra practice! Click here to read more about Yabla French. Do you have children? French for Children can be both educational and fun for them! Start your child at an early age.

Facts about the French Language

French is a romance language. The French language was originally spoken in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland and is now the official language in 29 countries. According to Wikipedia.com, today nearly 300 million people around the world speak French as their native or second language.

Why study French?

Besides French simply being a beautiful language, there are many good reasons to study the French language. Professor Richard Shryock from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University believes that it is important to learn French, claiming that French is the “most practical foreign language.” Noting that French is one of the two global languages and that French is spoken on 5 continents, the professor believes that “French is the language that will give you the most choices later on in your studies or your career.” Of the noteworthy reasons that French is an important language to learn, Professory Shryock states that “more tourists visit France than any other country in the word” and that the “French economy is one of the strongest in the world and is increasingly a leader in technological innovation.” It seems pretty clear that’s it’s important to learn French!