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Learn French Resources to help you Learn French

If you want to learn French, you don't necessarily have to move to France, Canada or another French-speaking country to achieve your goals. Because of the Internet, it is becoming a lot easier to study French and become fluent without ever leaving your home! In fact, even French books can be bought online through sites like Amazon.com.  Somtimes you will have to spend money in your quest to learn French, however, there are a number of free French learning resources that you can take advantage of. We have compiled a list of growing French resources online that will be useful to you, along with tips and advice on studying French.

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Tips, Advice and Articles on Studying French

Why Learn French?

Learning French can improve your life in many ways. Not only can you improve your English grammar, but knowing French can make your vacations more enjoyable, help you learn other foreign languages, improve your career opportunities and basically make life more interesting! Click here to read more ...

Learn French with Native French Audio

Learning French can be difficult. It’s for this very reason that most French students are looking for anything that can give them an edge and make the French learning process easier and faster. Click here to read more ...

Learning French - It's All About Repetition

When it comes to learning French, or any language for that matter, it’s all about repetition just as if you were learning to play a musical instrument or improve your backhand in tennis - the more you do it, the better you’ll become. It’s all a matter of muscle memory, in this case the muscle being your brain. Click here to read more ...

Learning French - Get Organzed - Make Lists

Learning French doesn't have to be difficult. And one way that you can make your life easier in studying French is to get organized. What I recommend is purchasing a notebook with dividers and start organizing lists of French verbs, French adjectives, French prepositions, and French idiomatic phrases as you come across them. Click here to read more ...

Developing French Listening Comprehension Through Music

The two easiest parts of learning French are reading and writing, especially for those who are learning French in a country where French isn't spoken predominately, like in the United States, Canada or England. As a result, the parts that French students develop the slowest are speaking and listening comprehension. Click here to read more ...

Learn French On Your Own With Books

It's very possible to learn French without taking classes and you can make just as much progress on your own as you would in a class. You can learn a lot of French with French literature. Though, this requires a lot of discipline and the ability to learn on your own. It also requires identifying which learning methods best suit you so you can apply them to when you start to learn French.. Click here to read more ...

Learn French for Business and Work

There are many reasons why people choose to learn French, be it to satisfy a language requirement in school, to live abroad in a French-speaking country or simply for something new to do. But more and more, people want to learn French for business and work reasons, as it is becoming more and more advantageous to learn French. Click here to learn more ...

Learn French Through Conversation Classes

Many people only focus on learning French grammar and do not put enough time into French conversation practice. In addition to studying the grammar, you should also take conversation classes. Click here to read more ...

Learn French By Getting the Most Out of Classes

Generally, once someone enrolls in a French class, they expect to learn French right away. Some might simply leave it up to the teacher to hammer the words and verb conjugations into their head. But if you want to be different and get the most of your French classes, then it will be important to do your part, also. Click here to read more ...

Recommended Learn French Products

Looking for some extra help with learning French? If so, you want to spend your money wisely! Check out our recommended French learning books. With regard to software, one highly recommended product that won't bankrupt you is Rocket French. This is a great learn French product to use in combination with free online learning French resources like this site and others we have listed here.  Try out Rocket French's free 6-day learn French mini-course!

To help with your French listening comprehension, we highly recommend Yabla French, an online video magazine for French learners. Watch entertaining French videos with English and French subtitles and interactive playback on Yabla. Click here to try it free. Whether you subscribe or not, we suggest you at least take advantage of their free demo videos for extra practice! Click here to read more about Yabla French.

Recommended Websites

French Travel Phrases - useful travel phrases in French.
French Verb Conjugator - type in a verb and see how it's conjugated.
French Proficiency Test - test yourself on French grammar and vocabulary.
News in French - the French version of BBC.com.
Let Petit Journal - free monthly e-magazine in French with translations
Language Guide Francais - excellent free French resource with audio
Yabla French - online video magazine to develop French comprehension
LingQ - learn French by reading articles and listening to audio at the same time.
Mixxer - find French natives to converse with!

Do you have a learn French related website or blog that we should include here? Contact us and let us know about it!  But note that we only include French language-related websites and blogs here.




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